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October 26, 2010


James Mullan

Suzanne - sadly I don't know the answer to the spooks question - but it looks like you could find the answer online somewhre!

This is an interesting blog post you've linked to. A lot of what the gypsy librarian writes about makes sense. There will always be a place for librarians and information professionals who choose not to use Social Media but isn't there almost an expectation now that people do use Social Media and would this affect whether someone was employed or not?

Don't all job roles now have an element of social media involved with them for example cataloguing moving towards folksonomies and tagging etc, having an understanding of these concepts will surely be crucial?

Suzanne Wheatley

An understanding of cataloguing concepts... Absolutely! My concern is that new grads are coming out of uni without being taught something so fundamental. Being social media-savvy but surely there has to be a foundation from which to launch yourself online?

Would you require someone to have an online presence in order to recruit them to your organisation? Interesting article on the digital reputation in last night's Evening Standard (eek, can't find the link!). It's on p54 - "It's who you know that counts".

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