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March 13, 2014



I can't remember what I first used the internet for. It is one of things that has crept into so many corners of our everyday lives it is hard to remember it not being there. I do remember 1996 in my first law firm job doing the training for several hundred fee earners and having to describe the difference between a website and a webpage - we used a Lotus Notes browser. Then it was about company research and very soon government departments were on the internet. It seems hard to believe but I remember when Amazon first came into existence and the discussions we had about whether it would really take off...

Anne Williams

I went on a course on how to use the internet back in 1995 and, as I was none the wiser about it when I went home, I asked for my money back! I also remember saying to the managing partner at the consulting firm (where I ran the information department) that we should "get" the internet for use by all the consultants but he didn't agree.....

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